Review – Specialized Flux Expert Front Light

Specialized’s first foray into lights has them coming at it from a different angle compared to most other manufacturers. Rather than just focus on pure light output (lumens) Specialized have put considerable effort into the design of the reflector. This is to ensure that the light goes where you need it on the road rather than just randomly pushing great gobs of light into night. While the raw lumen numbers do not distinguish it from many other lights in its price bracket, it is the way the Flux Expert uses its light that makes it stand out from the pack. The light pattern is right there on the road giving you a well lit view of what is ahead. While not the most svelte looking light we’ve ever seen the mounting system means it can be mounted out of the way below the handlebar – particularly neat if your run a Garmin out-front mount as well. Combined with a two year warranty the Flux Expert is a light that definitely deserves your consideration if you are committed to riding in the dark this winter.

WHO SHOULD BUY THIS: Road and commuter riders who want above average light performance.

WHO SHOULDN’T BUY THIS: Those that only judge a light on its lumen stats.

WHAT WE LOVED: Choice and effectiveness of beam patterns. Handlebar remote offers some extra features and the and mount is sturdy and very functional.

WHAT SUCKED: Not the best looking light we’ve ever seen.


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