Review – Knog Blinder Road 3

Front lights are often a trade-off between the size of the light and its output. The Knog Road Blinder 3 is a light that manages that trade-off well offering a lot of light for casual, commuter and road riders. At only 102 grams and offering up to 300 lumens and a variety of beam patterns, the Blinder 3 should be suitable for most riding apart from those in absolute pitch blackness. The recharge time is good (5 hours) and the replaceable silicone strap and stainless steel clasp is easy to mount and will fit nearly all handlebar sizes without hassle. The solid aluminium and rubber body has proven to be sturdy and offers very good resistance to the weather.

WHO SHOULD BUY THIS: Riders who need a for road riding, commuting or just nipping down to the shops.

WHO SHOULDN’T BUY THIS: Mountain bikers and those who venture out in the absolute dark and need shed-loads of light.

WHAT WE LOVED: Small, neat and very effective.

WHAT SUCKED: On bigger hits the light will move around the handlebar and have to be reset into place.



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