New Velo Fille Season Starts This Wednesday!


Velo Fille Rides Start Wednesday 2nd September

Ladies it’s time to put the winter behind us and launch into Spring with the first Velo Fille morning ride of the new season. This coming Wednesday will see us embarking on our seventh season and while we take some pride in the enduring nature of the Velo Fille message, we realise it would be nothing without the riders that support it. So we would love to see you come along whether it is to re-aquaint with friends, mentor new riders or just get out for a ride.

As most will know our old start point at Chilli Cycles has moved, but for the first ride of the season we have decided to start somewhere at least familiar to everyone. So this Wednesday we will be starting from Frankie’s Cafe on the corner of Victoria and Palmerston Streets – which should also make the post-ride coffee easier.
Just to re-cap:

Ride Start Time: Wednesday 2nd September, 6am

Where: Frankie’s Cafe (Victoria Street, Warragul)

As usual we will be back no later than 7.30am.

Remember this ride is every Wednesday so if you miss one there is always next week.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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