Review – Garmin Edge 25 GPS Computer


If you normally find Garmin’s computers too big then their new Edge 25 may be the GPS computer for you. At 25 grams and the size of a small digital watch this GPS computer packs in all the features you’ve come to expect from Garmin: speed, distance, time of day, cadence, power, Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity and more. It also features Garmin’s Live Tracking that allows your nearest and dearest to track you in real time – you decide if this is a good thing. Particularly for mountain bikers the Edge 25 sits very discreetly on your stem and is less likely to get whacked when you end up in a tumble.

WHO SHOULD BUY THIS: When you believe less is more when it comes to accessories hanging on your bike but don’t want to sacrifice features.

WHO SHOULDN’T BUY THIS: If you want maps on your GPS computer.

WHAT WE LOVED: Small, neat and pretty much every feature most riders would need.

WHAT SUCKED: 8 hour battery life may not be enough for some riders.

$229.95 (Unit only)

$269.95 (Bundle – with Cadence Sensor)

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