Ride With The Rookies


Get To Know Some New Faces On This Easy Paced Ride

Our 2016 Rookie Program has recently concluded and we are now ready to unleash our graduates on their first road bike bunch ride. So on Sunday 6th November at 9am we would like to invite you to come and support our newest riders with an enjoyable and  easy paced ride out of Yarragon. This is not only a great opportunity to be part of the mentoring of new riders but a chance for those who may not have been riding much lately to get back on the bike in a friendly and fun environment.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Ride With The Rookies
When – Sunday 6th November 9am
Where – Yarragon (meet at the big train)
Who – you, some friends and our rookies
What – road bike (drop bar handlebars), flashing tail light, water bottle (full) and coffee money

How – Easy-paced group ride (approx 25km) followed by coffee and chat

2 thoughts

    1. Arlen, this ride is for road/CX bikes only. Not suggesting that you couldn’t keep up on a hybrid or MTB but in the interest of safety with relatively new riders in attendance Velo Fille are firm on this policy. You are of course welcome to come along after the ride and catch up with the crew and find out about other Velo Fille events that you may be interested in. Cheers.


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