Only At Chilli

We understand that just because you have a bike doesn’t necessarily mean you’re instantly going to have a great time riding. We want to give you the best chance of having the ride experience you want and offer some unique services to help get you there.

Rider Training

Sometimes just having a cool new bike isn’t enough. As a new rider you may be unsure about what you’re meant to be doing with the gears, on the road or on the trail. We can help. We offer one-on-one training with a qualified cycling instructor to get you safe and confident straight away. This service is FREE when you purchase your bike from Chilli.

Bike Fit

No matter whether you’re about fast or fun you want to be comfortable on your bike. At Chilli we believe this is the most important criteria in choosing any bike and offer several levels of bike fit to suit your needs. Bike Sizing is about ensuring your bike is the correct size for you and that your position on the bike is appropriate for the riding you will be doing. This service is $75 per session on any bike.

Our bike fit service (BG FIT) is a more intensive process where we take detailed measurements of you and ensure that all elements of your bike are perfectly adjusted to fit you. Find out more here.

Trade-In Your Old Bike

Sometimes the bike you already have may not be the right one for the riding you want to do now. We make it easy to move to the bike you need. Whatever you’ve got we will trade it in. As long as it is a complete bike (and it may not even be running that well), we will take it as a trade-in on a new bike. Forget about Ebay, the classifieds or trying to sell it down the pub. Simply bring it in and get on the bike you need now.

Free Delivery on in-store orders

Sometimes when you visit we just don’t have the colour, size or model you need and we need to order it in for you. To save you time we will ship it to your home FREE of charge (conditions apply).

Clearance Items

Looking for a bargain bike, part or accessory? Check out our eBay Store where we clear out trade-in bikes and old stock.